CPD Policy

POGA recognise that it can only thrive and prosper with brilliant people. This is realised by encouraging and promoting collaboration, cooperation, creative thinking and problem solving within our Team. All of our professional staff take part in CPD training to improve how we deliver our service to our Clients, and improve personal skills for the benefit of our staff and the business.

Our CPD policy ensures all our staff have the competency they need to provide timely, efficient and safe designs to our Clients, and to allow for personal development as a construction professional. This involves transfer of knowledge amongst our team, in-house training in the use of design software, training in technological systems and formal external training. We also arrange group site visits to ensure our Engineers benefit from the learning of others and how our skills and designs are put into practice in “real life” examples. Our CPD policy is developed to put the individual at the heart of their own professional development, allowing them to grow and prosper in their careers, with whatever support is required from the company.

This policy will be reviewed regularly to ensure CPD best-practice is followed and applies to all within our professional team.